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164 million dollar lottery winner on Jimmy Kimmel Live

164 million dollar lottery winner gets rid of wife on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Video posted by: comedykimmel

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Comments & Feedback on "164 million dollar lottery winner on Jimmy Kimmel Live"

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20 Responses to “164 million dollar lottery winner on Jimmy Kimmel Live”

  1. surefirefan Says:

    yep just like guns, its not the guns that kill people.. its the person..

  2. nicmanity Says:


  3. 2112murphy Says:

    He’s Catholic you retard. That’s where “Jesus is Magic” comes from.

  4. joselosanchez Says:

    Then she should throw him! Where ther rich before? why they’re not exited!!! OMG

  5. nesnman Says:

    I won some money in the lottery . It was less then a million but it was still scary. Thankfully I got investment advise. You’ll be surprised at how many have gone bankrupt.

  6. russbloke Says:


  7. Levion Says:

    OMG hot sexy avril

  8. thejuice32 Says:


  9. 35508 Says:

    It looks like it’s just someone found the same shirt and fixed the video so it looked like the guy did that. Other than the forearm there’s no movement on the male’s part aside from his expression and focus.

  10. littlehak777 Says:


  11. aznkidd07 Says:

    LOLOL what a retard.

  12. 123Najjar123 Says:

    eh? no its a joke.

  13. s0ccerbabe95 Says:

    LOLOLOL luv it =D

  14. chuck713713 Says:

    LOL wow i thought that was real

  15. ALMehairbi Says:

    definitely; the perfect first move lol

  16. rodrigodemonfox Says:

    thit that old man realy dumb shes wife for real responde me

  17. prayer4you08 Says:

    lol. Funny but not.

  18. danny941016 Says:

    No, lucky people make money make the world go round, real working people would never do that.

  19. svjatb Says:

    $Money makes the world go round$

  20. kackarot123 Says:

    ha ha ha ha

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