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Bashar – Winning The Lottery

Bashar discusses c? Mo Loter win a. Excerpted from "DVD, Bashar 's Lab" Fluted by Darryl Anka. Please visit to buy this DVD.

Video posted by: ICreateMyReality1111

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Comments & Feedback on "Bashar – Winning The Lottery"

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24 Responses to “Bashar – Winning The Lottery”

  1. coaluck Says:


    i find this 2 be true. this is the basics of the secret. not only with lottery but in realistic life situations. good luck!

  2. robbiedivine Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Thanks LoveNFaith07
    IIts true what Bashar says, when we buy the lottery most of us are saying deep down, It won’t happen, thats the belief that has got to change, ANYTHING is possible..

  3. LoveNFaith07 Says:

    Hey robbiedivine dont every give up! relax and know that it is coming ,have belief the size of a mustard seed it will happen erase all doubt claim it as yours you will see…..Nita love n faith

  4. robbiedivine Says:

    Create a video blog

    Congratulations to you!! I will get into that mind set too, this just re enforces what IS.

  5. sublimeksaleel Says:

    Website content

    Quantum physics points out that there is no such thing as reality except the one choose to observe or see which will ofcourse will be what your belief system tells you can or cannot be – so reality is all about self – so reality is different for everyone – hence the statement – you create your own reality.

  6. cherrycake2 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Bashar is right, a lot of people who have won the jackpot have used the steps he has shown here, if you believe the jackpot is yours you will always win, but the belief needs to be 100% pure, everyone plays to win but when 90% of you buy that ticket a negative thought comes through like if i don’t win this week there is always next week, this shows you are not 100% believing in the power of your mind. Lottery is not about luck but about believing and thinking you are the next jackpot winner.

  7. LoveNFaith07 Says:

    Website content

    this guy is correct, I played the lottery to win to buy my dream home and start a business, I had always wanted to open and after three years of my pursuit . I did win and it was a perfect match 6 of 6 more money than I ever dreamed of …he is correct and it works at teast It worked for me

  8. ENAIRAMA1 Says:


    He CAN NOT be a fake. What he says proves he is not a fake.

  9. Fiercechannels Says:

    Caffeinated Content – Members-Only Content for WordPress

    i wonder if bashar will ever win the lottery

  10. dewzs Says:


    The channels that say they are channeling the Plejarins.

  11. manatyson Says:

    Yes you do create you’re reality…
    But that just makes it imaginary…

  12. TheMarkOfTheBeast1 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Look, if you want to win the lottery, use a lotto-wheel. There are many different wheels you can use. There’s nothing “mystical” attached to it.

  13. BolivarDan Says:

    Oh I see.. 🙂

  14. hazelenoch Says:

    i was referring to billy meier the fraud ufo contactee that the guy I replied to was a follwer of

  15. BolivarDan Says:

    who is billy?

  16. MrQuinum Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    I doubt people understand what he is saying.

    You have to deprogram/change your ways of thinking about playing the lottery and your relationship with wealth and abundance…

    So most likely people will be stuck in their ways…and will not win.

  17. dewzs Says:

    To each thier own.

  18. hazelenoch Says:

    And he’s a Channel I thought billy said channels were frauds?

  19. dewzs Says:

    Create a video blog

    What’s it to you? It’s about winning, not the money.

  20. dewzs Says:

    Caffeinated Content


  21. dewzs Says:

    Website content

    4 numbers out of 6.

  22. hazelenoch Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    how much did you win?

  23. Dave Says:

    Your techniques sound good. This is something that I’m going to try. Thank You.

  24. Proteus Says:

    Like Bashar says, we cannot perceive anything that we are not the vibration of – and likewise, whatever vibration we put out MUST be reflected back to us.

    I needed a permission slip, as Bashar describes them to help me win the lotto. So I used the energy of money to get lottery software. Ran it. Won the lottery. I spent under 100 bucks to win $100,000.
    Lottery Software

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