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How To Win Lotto – Do Odd Numbers Hit More Than the Even Numbers? Lottery Tips by BJ Min http If you want to win the lottery, then you need to stop being ATTACHED to one type of number. For instance, some people like to play the odd numbers only for their lotto numbers. But from my experience as a lottery retailer selling THOUSANDS of lottery tickets, I’ve noticed that it is RARE to see all odd numbers in one winning combination. Instead, you should MIX your numbers…meaning have some odd numbers and have some even numbers as well to have the best success …

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18 Responses to “How To Win Lotto”

  1. mindbreaker21601 Says:

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    I won $600 bucks of a lottery ticket I found on the ground one time

  2. NoCtUrNaLMaYhEm1 Says:

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    its just chance if you play to the lottery odds…but there is a strategy to playing just like any other game with numbers….its all mathmatic probability …just like every game in a casino…when you start playin to the real odds and not whats printed on the back of you ticket, then you a better shot at winning with in a year of steady playin rather then 20 years of playin..

  3. GAMEBOY379 Says:


    No one can be taught how to win the lottery! its just chance, nobody knows. I bet he havent won the lottery.

  4. zususman Says:

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    The ohio rolling cash jackpot (5 #) july 11 -2009 – was – all odd – 3 5 13 15 33

    so, that girl should have palyed that day!!! ha ha


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    did you won the lottery?

  6. Mycool1983 Says:

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    I.e the numbers are randomly selected and have equal chance of selection

  7. Mycool1983 Says:

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    I agree with you and your analysis with symbols…. The numbers are randomly selected–there is no magical set of numbers

  8. PIMPMYRIDE15 Says:

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    if this works how come he hasn’t won the lottery.??? LOL

  9. 3canplay2 Says:

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    gamblers fallacy ? I learned something new today thanks!

  10. taostoner1 Says:

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    This guys math is awful, it doesn’t matter what numbers you play, all odds, all even. The odds are the same no matter what freaking numbers you play.

  11. billtruttschel Says:

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    I have no doubt that 2 or 3 odd numbers are drawn a majority of the time. But that doesn’t mean that a ticket with 2 or 3 odd numbers is more likely to win than a ticket with all even numbers! Talk to any university mathematics professor. They will tell you that your method is flawed. Look up the term “gambler’s fallacy”. You are peddling a myth. The lottery numbers are merely symbols to the machine. If we replaced the numbers with symbols, how would your method work then?

  12. wdwrightjr Says:

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    Therefore, it is best to pick 2-3 Odd #’s and 2-3 Even #’s in the Megamillions (for example, 3 Even, 2 Odd), which is a 5 number lottery. The same also applies to 6 number lotteries except you will notice 2-4 Odd/Even being picked about 70% of the time.

  13. wdwrightjr Says:


    Actually, you are incorrect. I had analyzed many lottery databases. For example, I have the past drawings of the MegaMillions lottery from present until 1995. Here is how it breaks down. I’m using the entire database from ’95 to present.
    2 or 3 Odd #s are drawn 69.91% of the time (1 draw)
    2 or 3 Even #’s are also drawn 69.91% of the time (1 draw)

  14. tramplevirus Says:

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  15. foreverviet Says:


    This guy is a phony. I am also asian, so you know it has nothing to do with ethnicity.

  16. planetdarwin Says:

    Best way to make money with the lottery is to setup a website and sell DVDs telling other people how to make money with the lottery.

  17. billtruttschel Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    As a mathematics teacher, I can tell you that most of this video is bogus. Every combination of numbers is equally as likely to happen as any other combination of numbers! You cannot say that 1 – 3 – 5 – 7 – 9 – 11 is less likely to happen than 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 just because it contains all odd numbers. Both are equally likely to happen.

  18. OTACON235567 Says:

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    is that real?

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