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Lotto – Ballroom Blitz

The lottery-millionaire is very different from others.

Video posted by: august32nd

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Comments & Feedback on "Lotto – Ballroom Blitz"

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24 Responses to “Lotto – Ballroom Blitz”

  1. relax1im1wax Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Taxisjåføren, det er derfor han driter i pengene han tjener og har muligheten til å være kresen og sette egne premisser:)

  2. gussy1d5 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    ballroom blitz!!!!

  3. younameit11 Says:

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    Ok 🙂

  4. Soryouken Says:

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    Begge 😀

  5. younameit11 Says:

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    Haha, men hvem er Lotto-vinner’n?

  6. blearghp Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    lol awesome ad man….simply..brilliant..ahahahahhahaa excellent song at that…wahahahahah

  7. Bolzmann13 Says:

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  8. antilopesvin Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    Sweet – Balroom Blitz

  9. 1saludo Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    what´s the song? please

  10. OP3NGL Says:


    can you post your project,?? if is about this videos I think will be cool , HAHA, post it please!!!!, this commercial is great, I want take that taxi

  11. oldy546 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    er helt enig. fikke den på hjernen… litt irriterende å synge sangen hele tiden men den er dritt bra!

  12. oldy546 Says:


    i’ve got a project about this video. and i laughs every damned time i see this movie. XD sorry if i spelled wrong.

  13. runkert Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    man i remember when this won the Goldfish award. makes me sentimental… this is the best commercial of all time!

  14. toxic996 Says:

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  15. LSmithninja Says:


    Hahaha! Best cab ever

  16. Mattnificint Says:

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    Lmao shits hilariouss mannnn

  17. JVonStrangle Says:

    Website content

    i love this commercial!

  18. FakeBeauty Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Haha this ad rocks my socks.
    Ballroom blitz

  19. chocochip2000 Says:

    The second *I* become a millionaire, I’m doing that. 8D

  20. PowKapamBatmanSounds Says:

    Create a video blog

    duhhh dumbass!

  21. GenericGene Says:

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    Anniversary & Birth dates – numbers 1 to 31 are generally used more than numbers 32 or higher.
    A strategy could be employed to increase higher dividend wins by using higher numbers.

  22. mikkelduden Says:

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    All the norwegian lotto commercials rules! 😀

  23. stinker1101 Says:

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  24. jamielynok Says:


    tottle lip sinking

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