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Lotto Winner

This is one of the Lotto commercial!

Video posted by: piggymanpiggyworld

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Comments & Feedback on "Lotto Winner"

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21 Responses to “Lotto Winner”

  1. wintercoolhi Says:


    wow, this commercial is so beautiful

  2. joselosanchez Says:

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    Man!!! Enough money to hire someone to kidnap nurse, lol. And still keep the millions!

  3. lottosorteo Says:

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    The old lady is great, a true millioner

  4. 1MotherSucker Says:

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    ..just goes to show you, that ASSHOLES get a head n life!! 😕

  5. younameit11 Says:

    Nice one 🙂

  6. luna1977 Says:


    Morsom reklame. Har endel av de i Norge. 🙂

  7. luna1977 Says:

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    Hi. This is a Norwegian commercial and that old lady did win, but wanted to get rid of that horrible nurse working there. Therefore she put her winning ticket in the nurses pocket. We have lots of “Lotto millionaires are not like other millionaires” commercials in Norway.

  8. susanyana Says:

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  9. TemperaMagenta Says:

    I just love this commercial so much!

  10. lS4M3NTl Says:

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    wauw good commercial
    good job norway

  11. chardnj Says:

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    Nice one…hehehe she choice freedom in the nursing home.than to be a millionaire.hehehe nice

  12. RobBobMarley Says:

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    why not buy the place and fire the mean nurse? oh well, granny is an angel.

  13. jannemarie Says:

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    Well, they didn’t like the nurse. But it so happened that she played Lotto – and so did the old woman. The nurse was beeped just when the numbers were drawn. The old lady won the lottery and didn’t say anything to anyone. To get rid of the nurse, she switched the winning ticket with the nurse’s, making the nurse the Lotto millionaire, which made her quit her job. >:D

  14. fishysilver Says:

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    i dont understand this commercial.. was the grandma already a millionaire. can someone explain it please

  15. wey1981 Says:

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    its for the norwegian national lotto…..

  16. DanLeDude Says:

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    Granny saved the day (:

  17. withavengance007 Says:

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    such a great commercial, anyone know where you can find similar commercials?

  18. snmthecloser Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    its even better at the end of finding forrester

  19. monolegis Says:

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    Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow & What A Wonderful World from the movie “Meet Joe Black”

  20. omario11 Says:

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    I love the music can you tell me what´s the name please

  21. NClackum Says:

    Website content

    I loved that!

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