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Lotto’s Biggest Loser

This clip is about compulsive gambling and the lengths some people will go to in order to feed their habit…often times resulting in death. This segment is taken from the TV series Mostly True Stories: Urban Legends Revealed, which is now available in a DVD Box Set (New & Unopened) by emailing … Cash, Money Orders & PayPal are accepted. You can also purchase this series by visiting our Amazon site at

Video posted by: twothumbsupdvd

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Comments & Feedback on "Lotto’s Biggest Loser"

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26 Responses to “Lotto’s Biggest Loser”

  1. ilyx3Selena Says:

    i agree. well nice written. (:

  2. horrormovie100 Says:

    wife is a total bitch

  3. piggybankvillan Says:

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    Stupid wife? This is a re-enactment people…

  4. pitbullsef3024 Says:

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    I swear if my husband forgot to put the lotto numbers on and they came up I’d shoot him myself! (Hope he’s got insurance – yippee)

  5. soulmanbababa Says:

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    its the girls fault

  6. raced88 Says:

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    Money is only an object – it’s crazy how people think it is the be all and end all of life.

    So many of the rich and famous would swap everything they have for something like love or peace in their life. Whereas people who already have that just want more money.

    Sometimes you need to take a step back and realise how lucky you are…not how unlucky you are.

  7. pazzofulminato Says:

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    never play the same numbers .use quick pick

  8. sigge951 Says:

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    6:39 she throws the dish almost before he shoots

  9. xaxie1 Says:

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    she should be lucky shes got him, the didnt lose much money or gain, so its not like she should be in such anger

  10. jafermirz Says:

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    i’m sorry.. i swtched off as soon as the woman at the beginning started talking…… PHWOOOOAAAAARRRR lol

  11. mhtsos12 Says:

    Omg bitches…

  12. ebrn01 Says:

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    she lost way more before that added with depression and despair. she decide to take her life. its not just how much you lose , its more of a mental state.

  13. JimFoxx9 Says:

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  14. TheCourtandBugshow Says:

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  15. Danny2k7fawEva Says:

    that man who loses his wife actually sounds gay 😛 no offence to him or anything, and its stupid taking your own life to gambling and the lottery.

  16. rosetitanic18 Says:

    stupid wife!

  17. rosetitanic18 Says:

    Who would play the same numbers each night??

  18. ToonLinkBrawler94 Says:

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    His wife is a bitch
    Kyle’s mom will have to give up her title

  19. slipslipknot555 Says:

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    did anyone else noticed that the guy’s name (John Baptiste) is exactly the same than the killer from Perfume?

  20. vireak209 Says:

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    This make me mad…The irony

  21. kiketsuu Says:

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    He should’ve bought 2 tickets. =\ 1 with the same numbers, 1 random.

  22. peinxkonan1235 Says:

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    its the wife’s fault she made very depressed besides why spend money on lottery tickets?

  23. mattwittig6767 Says:

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    actaully she doesnt oops lol

  24. mattwittig6767 Says:


    Notice that she drops the plate seconds before he shoots himself lol

  25. maniacfls Says:

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  26. twinb c4+gt1 pro Says:

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