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Lotto max

“Lotto max” by seanpjam
I created this group for those that play Lotto Max. I feel that once this lottery has reached $50 Million dolars that it should be capped and split into 5000 WINNERS that would equal $10.000.00 each WINNER.

So lets say you get 3 numbers on your ticket you would win $10.000.00 dollars. I am sick of hearing stories where people have 5 numbers on their ticket and onlt winning $20.00 I think it is unfair.

I also think it’s a little crazy that 1 person can win $50 MILLION dollars.

So I created this group for people that want to join me and sign a petition that the Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation regulate and cap the lottary only when it gets to $50. MILLION dollars so that so many more people can get on in life, pay bills etc….

I’m sure there are many of you that would like a shot at getting $10.000.00 you would have to be crazy not to sign the on-line petition I have here for you to sign.

Let’s do this, let’s get excited about this. Once I have the signitures I will present this to tho OLG and fight to have this implemented.

Only when the lottary reaches $50 MILLION

It’s an awesome idea, and I think more people would jump on board in buying tickets.

50 MILLION divided by $10.000.00 = 5000 WINNERS

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