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Portland wins the 2007 draft lottery

With only a probability of 5%.

Video posted by: pearlmax

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Comments & Feedback on "Portland wins the 2007 draft lottery"

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25 Responses to “Portland wins the 2007 draft lottery”

  1. tdvtech Says:

    Time to kick some ass Portland.

  2. caseyranderson Says:

    Heyyy we want Greg Oden!

  3. MisterBinx Says:

    All this wait and the moment is almost here, the moment we finally get to see Greg Oden play. I can hardly wait.

  4. anilated2345678 Says:

    Portland made a good choice! dont worry oden isnt hype… The numbers dont lie… Kevin and Al are good too

  5. ilovemusicfyi Says:

    wat are you talkin about they drafted odeb but he got ijured and didnt play a single game this season. They will be better next year

  6. MisterBinx Says:

    Barry is beyond stupid. Trade our pick for old guys? Some one punch him in the face or fire him for being a retard.

  7. blazeball96 Says:

    Blazers are going to rock next year!

  8. scoutie101 Says:

    Oden ’08 — worth the wait!

  9. psakai Says:

    It’s not guaranteeed. The team with the worst record has the highest chance of drawing the number 1 pick, and the better teams have a lower chance of getting the number 1 pick. So just because you had the worst record, doesn’t mean that it’s guaranteed you will get number 1.

  10. GreenNickolas Says:

    i thought tha the team with the worst record in the last season was taking No1 draft…how exactly is the nba draft done?

  11. sabonisrules Says:

    This was a great day for The Blazers!


    Youre NOT Back YET FOOL. Li’l Oden just got injured thursday


    ahaaha jon barry is funny. Telling portland to trade the pick

    I still think he’s cool though


    you may have to wait another decade cause babe greg is injured for the season

  15. whiteweb499 Says:

    oden cant play O.o in 07-08 sad..

  16. webster613 Says:

    im not sure exactly but its a series of ping-pong balls and u are given a series of balls drawn from a box, which somehow determine the order of the draft. personally, i think its completely rigged

  17. wpm2747 Says:

    finally the blazers get lucky

  18. glaked23 Says:

    How exactly is the NBA draft lottery done?

  19. jeffhardyfan52 Says:

    wow a laker fan hopeing we do good now i have seen everything

  20. arh3721 Says:

    I bet Greg Anthony wishes this happened back when he was playing for Portland back in the day… No more “Jail Blazers”! RIP CITY is BACK!

  21. lebroniznumba1 Says:

    portland is gonna be a hell of a team for a long time… combining last year and this years draft they did awesome. im rootin for them this year.

  22. Yosemite25 Says:

    I really hope it works out for Portland…they had the worst team for so long…so much money wasted on criminals and druggies….I am a Laker fan, unless we get Garnett, its over for us. No more Shaq, Kobe (the cancer, yes I think he is still the best in the league though), back to the shitty cedric ceballos days…We miss Jerry West

  23. Wilsk1993 Says:


  24. silverking5820 Says:

    If Bynum had actually gone to college, he wouldn’t even be in the NBA right now.

  25. aznosamaboy Says:


    that’s already one thing durant doesn’t have

    one he gets injured, who knows when he’s gonna come back

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