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Is there a Yahoo international promotion organization or a yahoo lotto organization?

Get? an email indicating that gan? YAHOO Lottery; I JUGUER? a lottery game on my computer and was one of 25 winners who won tha 1 mill? n d? lares. My email came from Mrs.Tina Akira (chairman), Mr Raymond Hisashi (vice-Precident) of the "Lottery Organization" to Yahoo;. ? C? Mo s? if this is true or if it is a scam? Incorpor? a sweepstakes lottery and the n? mere winning are the same one 's I' VE entry. The email came from the President & Vice President of Yahoo! org of the lottery. with the n? merely winning, reference # & batch #. I ask the informaci? No delivery but not the bank account (which is qu? Do you think are true. I looked up the bank &; excist but want to make money for the env? Oy insurance. Tambi? N me said that the delivery occur? within 24 hours and carrier call me? as soon as they get into the? area. It sounds too good to be true. The ped? to take insurance and env? or $ $ from me " ; prize. "Lets see qu? happen.? Qu? you think?

Posted by: Maribel

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2 Responses to “Yahoo lotto organization”

  1. I'm tired of being serious Says:

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    That is a scam, a very old scam.Did you enter a lottery? You have to enter a lottery to win. If you didn’t enter it, it’s a scam. And even lots of lotteries that you enter are actually scams.

  2. "NED KELLY" is SPUD Says:

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    It is a scam,i won 1,000,000 euros in england i live in Perth WA,but they wanted all my info first
    Go to the bottom of your page and get in contact with yahoo to find out

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