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How anyone bought a roll of lottery tickets brand new and had a good outcome?

Steve asked:
A roll of 1$ lottery tickets are 300.00. I was seeing if anyone had bought a brand new roll and had a good out come and profited over the 300.00. I would believe there would be enough small winners and maybe a big one or two that you would profit.

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6 Responses to “Bought a roll of lottery tickets and had a good outcome”

  1. jamesnimbus Says:


    My dad did something like that. He bought a whole bunch of $1 and $2 tickets (about 5ft. of them) and got $100 out of them.

  2. DennistheMenace Says:

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    My dad had the guy from thriftys call him every time he was going to open a new roll, and he’d get the 1st 150,
    for years, he was ahead…….

  3. Muley Bob Says:

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    The odds are not in your favor but that doesn’t mean you won’t make money on the deal. There are more sure-fire returns for your $300 dollar investment than the lotto though.

  4. gungaroo Says:

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    Before you run out and buy a brick or roll of lottery tickets, look at the back of one of the tickets. The odds state that won’t break even money if you bought every lottery ticket. Most lotteries have a 15% – 20% profit margin built into the game.

    You might get lucky and buy a roll and make a profit or you might loose a bunch of money.

    I promise if you repeated this process over and over, you would have zero to show for it!

    Good Luck and maybe you will find that lucky roll and make a ton of money.

  5. necro lord Says:

    well i did it once and got some money but not enough i only made about $240 my freind did it with me and he got worse with like $135 so don’t do it

  6. Her Royal Juicyness Says:

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    I’ve never done it, but now your giving me ideas! I think it would be fun to do, even if you don’t come out ahead.

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