Concerns raised over Italian lottery ‘fever’ – 23 Oct 08

Concerns raised over Italian lottery ‘fever’ – 23 Oct 08

Italy ‘the post of national lottery s has sent millions of people shuffle for tickets. The big prize stands a pi? of $ 120m and could be won on Thursday?. But there are fears that the lottery is generating a fever of dangerous gamble, with many people who spend their life savings. Some groups are demanding the prize money to seize. Claudio Lavanga reports.

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  • EyesoreII

    Amazing how people will spend a portion of their income for such a minute chance at winning a sum of money, but when asked to give up a smaller portion so that poor people can get treatment, or an education, they assert that the government is stealing from them. Aren’t human lives more valuable than money?

  • Warnomore50

    It is one of the only legal types of taxation because it is voluntary and you at least have a shot at getting something back.

  • Ariji86

    bad Italians.


    Great, not only are Americans stupid, it appears humans world wide are stupid too. It’s universal equality in terms of stupidity. Yay!!!!!!!!!! 🙂