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Is there any easy ways to win the lotto?

I was just wondering if there are any “tricks” or easier ways around of winning the lotto? Or coming close to winning? What makes it a little bit easier to win?

Question posted by: Sweetness

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7 Responses to “Is there any easy ways to win the lotto?”

  1. Justin Says:

    yea there is
    i was only 1 number away from getting the lottery
    do ur birthday and ur families birthday

  2. Nintendo Wii Says:

    The oods of winning the lottery is around 1-1,000,000, there isn’t anyway to really win.

    here’s a few (stupid) ideas that could work or cause LOTS of harm:

    1. wear a four leaf clover

    2. buy a thousand lottery tickets

    3. use an Oujii board

    4.go to the lottery center, and change all the numbers on the balls to the number 1, then buy a ticket that has nothing but ones on it, you can’t lose!

  3. Vergie Says:

    No there is not an easy way to win at the lotto….it is pure and simple luck!

  4. da_hal Says:

    if you buy half the possible numbers, that will give you a 50% chance of winning. of course, then you have a chance of still losing if the winnings are split among multiple players.

  5. Liz Says:

    Luck, it’s all about being Lucky!!

  6. HowToWinScratchers Says:


    There are MANY lotto systems out there…you can check out your library or just look around on the internet…

    One of the most common themes…is by researching the winning numbers of the past…for example, studying the winning numbers of the past 30 days…

    From there, you want to study which number has been hitting the most (hot numbers) & which number has NOT been hitting (cold numbers)…

    From there, there are 2 lottery system methods…some say to select “hot numbers” for your numbers…some others say to select “cold numbers”…

    You can do a combination of both…those numbers will be MORE likely to hit than other numbers…and this has been tested & proven by many other lottery methods as well…

    Of course, hitting the lottery is not all easy but these methods have been proven to work by other systems and mathematicians as well…

    Hope that helps…


  7. Lottery Winning Numbers » Says:

    […] Is there any easy ways to win the lotto […]

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