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How many tickets are possible for the Super Lotto? How many different ways can you select six numbers when purchasing a Super Lotto ticket when the order of selection of the numbers doesn’t matter? Would you use the combination formula? Question asked by: Layla S This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

What is the dollar amount that you can win in a lottery before having to pay taxes on it? The casino is in Oklahoma. I was just wondering if the people of Kansas who won the lottery down in Oklahoma were to pay taxes if it reaches a specified dollar amount? Posted by: Renee B […]

How is it possible for people to win the Illinois Lottery everyday? Where does the money come from? Is it a scam? If someone won 91 million dollars today how is it possible for someone else to win 123 million dollars the next day? This seems impossible. I’ve only played the lottery once in my […]

How much do you spend on lotto tickets, and scratch off sheets? I couldn’t help from notice how much I spend every 2 weeks on the lotto. Usually I tend to spend well over $25 bucks. Just wondering what others usually spend, and if they have made it big in the lotto run! How much […]

How many % of California Lottery goes to the store of winner lottery ticket? The deposit receive a check of 1000 U.S. dollars from the lottery, how many and what% is the amount the winner won? for the lottery of CA. Posted by: Rick This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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