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What is the best wat to play lotto and win? Game 2 of the set numbers such as 123,456 and 654,321 each lot for the rest of my life or an attack with QuickPick which always generates a different game I number? Posted by: wessie4_4 This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

What is the probability of winning the 6/40 lotto when you wheel 7 numbers? Application for lottery? Suppose you choose to push the following 7 numbers in a game of 6 / 40: What is the probability of conquest of the batch of 6 / 40 when push 7 numbers? Posted by: harold21 a […]

Is there any easy ways to win the lotto? I was just wondering if there are any “tricks” or easier ways around of winning the lotto? Or coming close to winning? What makes it a little bit easier to win? Question posted by: Sweetness This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

how do you win the lottery? What are some tips and ways to win it? D S asked: please give me any tips of what you know on how to win the lottery! NO sarcasm please! even if you know the numbers that would be nice too! This question powered by Yahoo! Answers

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