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How can i increase my odds of winning the lottery? I heard that i can… 1. Buy more tickets. 2. Go to the stores that sell the most winning tickets. 3. Pick numbers that come up most frequently 4. Play the smaller lottery games, where you pick less numbers and the prize is smaller Are […]

Euro Millions Lotto – an article by Gavin Evans The Euro millions lotto was developed by the Francaise des Jeux in France and the Loterias y Apuestas des Estad in Spain and Camelot in the Uk and was launched on Saturday The 7th of february 2004. The inaugural draw was on on Friday The 13th […]

How many tickets are possible for the Super Lotto? How many different ways can you select six numbers when purchasing a Super Lotto ticket when the order of selection of the numbers doesn’t matter? Would you use the combination formula? Question asked by: Layla S This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

What is the dollar amount that you can win in a lottery before having to pay taxes on it? The casino is in Oklahoma. I was just wondering if the people of Kansas who won the lottery down in Oklahoma were to pay taxes if it reaches a specified dollar amount? Posted by: Renee B […]

Concerns raised over Italian lottery ‘fever’ – 23 Oct 08 Italy 'the post of national lottery s has sent millions of people shuffle for tickets. The big prize stands a pi? of $ 120m and could be won on Thursday?. But there are fears that the lottery is generating a fever of dangerous gamble, with […]

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