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Norway lotto

Norway lotto

Video posted by: fuckthewinterdotcom

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20 Responses to “Norway lotto”

  1. EnigmaNZ1 Says:

    Bugger, that advert would annoy me, the battleaxe got millions for being a nasty old cow. So she did put the ticket in the nurses pocket.

  2. TorresLFCGerrardComp Says:

    The old lady gave the nurse many millions. (nor KR) (10 millions KR = 2 Million dollars)
    cuz they old ppl didn’t like her.

  3. EnigmaNZ1 Says:

    What actually happened. Did the old lady win and gave her ticket to the nurse. I thought that maybe the old lady brought the nursing home and fired the nurse lol.

  4. smoothynoob Says:

    Han som syneger denne sangen heter “Israel Kamakawiwo. Han er fra Hawaii og døde altfor ung.

  5. withavengance007 Says:

    excellent commercial, truly inspiring

  6. Flodiz Says:

    Over the Rainbow-Wonderful world heter denne sangen:)….

  7. want12 Says:

    It is such a pity he died, he had the most amazing voice!

  8. Efreeti Says:

    Sangen heter What A Wonderful World. Gud vet hvem som synger denne versjonen.

  9. Kl1800 Says:

    Ops. xD sinnet*

  10. brizzlybob Says:

    haha norways old boys are best=P

  11. vocfast Says:

    Haha, bara bäst!..

  12. oysost Says:

    Israel Kamakawiwo’ole – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

  13. smoothynoob Says:

    haha, det heter “Sol i sinnet” 😛 lurer på hvordan man kan ha sol i kinnet 😛

  14. Kl1800 Says:

    Haha! Så blir det sol inne, sol ute, sol i hjerte, sol i kinnet! ;P

  15. cbreeze1525 Says:

    Thats some funny shit.

  16. sk8sharker Says:

    hahaha. neimen så blir d sol ute sol inne sol hjerte hahah. konge!

  17. RafaELO89 Says:

    Jak sie nazywa ta piosenka w tle ???
    This song name ???

  18. AneTing Says:

    Den er så søt

  19. BendikBS Says:

    except the fact that you don’t have one..

  20. kingdavid83 Says:

    Clever 🙂 Hail Norway

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