We are able to offer a range of great value sidebar and inline text links


  • Text links can show in the sidebar under Featured Links or as a content link on a keyword within a specific post.
  • We can display up to 20 characters as Featured Links.
  • We accept most types of link, but will not approve any ‘lurid’ adult content! All links require approval before they can be shown online.
  • You will only be asked for payment after your link has been approved.

The links fall into 3 different schemes:

Standard sidebar text links

  • You can purchase a Home Page link or an Entire Blog link, which shows on all pages.
  • These are ‘nofollow’ links, which is Google’s preferred format.

Premium ‘dofollow’ sidebar links

  • These links do not include the ‘nofollow’ instruction, so offering greater incoming link value to your site.
  • On this scheme you can purchase a Home Page link or a Site Wide link, which shows on all pages apart from the Home Page.

Single post inline links

  • These are shown in the actual content of a single post. You choose a keyword and the link is placed on that keyword.
  • You can choose between ‘nofollow’ or  premium ‘dofollow’ format


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