E-lottery Syndicate

E-Lottery Syndicate

E-lottery Syndicate System Review: Play E-lottery Syndicate for Fun and to Win!

E-Lottery syndicate has been going for a few years now and gathering momentum daily. It is a remarkably simple and ingenious system that massively increases your chance of becoming a winner in both the UK Lotto, and the Euro Millions lottery.

NOT a Scam!

When you come across if for the first time it is tempting to think of it as a scam. It sounds too good to be true. It really does increase your chances of sharing in a lottery win of both UK Lotto and the EuroMillions European lotteries  – and it is a massive increase in chance. But, it is no scam in my view.

There is a huge difference between the chances of a solitary lottery player (one who buys a lottery ticket in the normal way i.e. a shop or other ticket outlet) and an e-lottery syndicate player. The e-lottery player pools his funds in a very cleverly managed way designed by Virtual World Direct (the e-lottery company) and will share their winnings with the other members in their syndicate, has a 3,600% better chance of being a winner of the EuroMillions lottery.

Do Nothing – Win Big

Apart from the substantially improved chance of winning, the really brilliant thing about belonging to an e-lottery syndicate is that you do not need to bother to keep an eye on the results. VWD do all this for you. If your syndicate does win, and in my experience winning can be fairly frequent, VWD notify you by email and they pay you automatically. You do not need to worry about remembering to buy a ticket, losing your ticket, or claiming your winnings, or any of those anxieties. It is straightforward and all automated. They do not forget and they make no deduction of fees for management unless maybe if you need to be paid in a different currency, but I have no experience of that. And you can check your status and your winnings on your e-lottery website at any time. It is very well worked out.

Increase your Chances of Winning

The fact that, as a syndicate member, you share your winnings with others may seem a disadvantage but when you consider that the chance of one person winning the jackpot on their own is some astronomically low figure. As an e-lottery syndicate member your chances of sharing a jackpot increases by 3,600% for the Euro Millions lottery and 702% for the UK National Lottery. So in a way it is more of a case of getting a slice of the jackpot as an e-lottery syndicate member, and nothing at all as a normal lottery player. A syndicate member’s share of a win like 180 Million euros  (example EuroMillion rollover) is more than 3 Million euros each! That kind of money can still change your life.

The interesting by-product of this staggering increase in chance, is that you also have a similar increase in chance of winning the smaller prizes which means that you do become a pretty regular winner even if it is only quite small amounts.

I have had cheques from VWD frequently as an e-lottery member, which is really quite tantalizing. I give a little cry when the cheque pops out of the envelope; a day of small celebration. Nothing really big but the thing is I really do have a chance.

The Only Right Way to Play the Lottery

I really do feel that if you play any of the major lotteries on your own, your chance of winning even a small prize is not worth the effort. You probably have more chance of being abducted by aliens! Ha Ha! I hope it does not happen to me now I have said it. But when I say that I have never had anything big, other syndicates have and that has to be good news.

There is no point going through the calculations to demonstrate how these increased chances arise as there is plenty of information on the web site that explains this. It is not worth me explaining it badly to you, it is best to check it out on the official site. Suffice it to say, if you study it long enough you will understand that it is not hype. It is very scientific but when you see it, it is so obvious and easy you wonder why nobody has done this before.

Win big In The Euro Millions lotteries

If you do not know about the UK & The Euro Millions lotteries, it is best to check the details out on the official site but both have been known to build up huge rollover prizes, sometimes in hundreds of Millions. The Euro Millions is managed by the national lotteries of UK, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland. The Euro Millions is played on Friday nights and covered on TV throughout Europe.

What is interesting is that one in 4 people collecting a prize are members of a syndicate. Perhaps this is not so surprising but it really does warm my heart, and reinforce my personal experience; I never, ever won anything when I played the normal way. Sheepishly, I confess I do not wish to gloat at all over other people and their lack of success, but I think they should play the smarter way. But I am pleased to discover this.

Win the Lottery and Live an Easy Life

I know that some people sometimes win lotteries the normal way and you could never beat the amounts they have won when you play in a syndicate, but that is not really the point. The fact is, that you are more likely to win a smaller, but equally life-changing amount playing in a syndicate, than you are playing the normal way. I used to say, jokingly, that you have more chance winning the lottery if you do not buy a ticket! Of course that can not be true but the chance is very small either way and it seems to happen only to people you read about in newspapers! That is not much good.

What is good news, especially for those outside the UK and Europe, you can play almost anywhere in the world. You may need to check the tax status though as although lottery winnings are tax free in the UK, they may not be in your country and there may be local laws that prevent you from participating.

But my view is that it is good value, good fun, and a great business opportunity but you should make up your own mind. All you need is access to the Internet and everything else is simply automatic.

Business Opportunity

The other really great opportunity that exists with e-Lottery is the home business potential. It beats any network marketing business because you do not really have to do anything much; people are used to playing the lottery and when they understand that their chances of winning are substantially increased it sells itself. Just follow their plan and you will be successful.

You do not need to destroy your friendships by trying to persuade your friends into your business like you do with so many other marketing plans. If people like playing the lottery they will be open to a smarter way. So from that point of view it can be quite painless and if you make a small amount of effort and do as they say the rewards for independent income or residual income are quite spectacular.

And if you like talking to people – it is perfect. There is minimal risk and you do not need to make any major investment except for a basic amount of marketing material. If you copy their model you can make a successful out of it. There is a lot of support on your web site.

Really it is a no brainer as they say. Sorry, this is not really an expression I like very much but I had to say it. But it is all down to you – nothing happens if you do nothing.

Far be it from me to try to persuade you to join an e-lottery syndicate or take up the business opportunity (which costs you nothing now although you used to have to pay a registration fee of 5 English pounds).

It really depends on what you want in life; but it can be good fun and the kitchen table home business opportunity has huge potential.

Compared with some of the things I have done though, this is definitely worth thinking about.

A word of caution! If you have a tendency to gambling or an issue with gambling, do not play the lottery.

And, although I have won as a syndicate member on a number of occasions, there are no guarantees of winning and this article does not suggest that you will.

As with all lotteries, the outcome depends on chance and if you cannot afford to lose the money then do not play. However, the business opportunity is low risk and offers an excellent opportunity for building a substantial income as long as you focus and follow the model.