Top 15 Lottery Books

The Lotto Guide have looked at which books on the topic of Lottery and Lotto are the most popular and frequently recommended by Lotto lovers. Here are the results of our research:

Combinatorial Lottery Systems (Wheels) with Guaranteed Wins – Iliya Bluskov – 2002

Bluskov discusses the mathematical science behind the lottery. Numerous systems are outlined in this book without intimidating the reader. Bluskov selected the easiest systems to follow, which makes this an enjoyable read for novices and the experienced lottery players.

Lottery Master Guide – Gail Howard – 2003

Howard clearly dedicated countless hours whilst putting together this book. The Lottery Master Guide includes everything you will need to know, from how to group your numbers, which numbers are “hot” and which are “cold”. This book is enjoyable and very informative.

Lotto Winning Wheels For Powerball & Mega Millions, 2006 Edition – Gail Howard – 2006

Howard is an expert in her area, and this book demonstrates this fact. The concept is excellent and her writing style is straight to the point. This is a book for those who prefer to gamble big. A thoroughly enjoyable book.

Winning Lotto / Lottery For Everyday Players, 3rd Edition – Professor Jones – 2002

One of the more detailed books on the market, Jones leaves no topic untouched. Topics range from frequency to summing, and from clustering to wheeling. A must for those wanting to learn more.

How to Win More: Strategies for Increasing a Lottery Win – Hans Riedwyl and Norbert Henze – 1998

Hans and Henze portray a realistic method on how to maximise your winnings on the Lottery. The book downplays luck, and promotes good judgement and combinations of numbers. A refreshing read for anyone.

Lottery Numbers – Harry Schneider – 2001

Schneider, being a mathematician and programmer, focuses on minimising silly mistakes when choosing number combinations. Schneider has no limit to his knowledge on the mathematical basis of the Lottery. However, the books format is simple and straightforward.

Lotto Trouble – Cash Kushel – 2003

Ever wondered what would happen if you won a large jackpot? This book is great entertainment, and goes through the steps after a huge jackpot is won. A brilliant read for inspiration when playing the lottery.

Lotto Wheel Five to Win, 3rd Edition – Gail Howard – 2006

All of Howard’s books come highly recommended by all. This book is her easiest to understand. The “wheeling” system described in this book has been widely recognised as one of the best.

Lotto – Joe McDonald – 2009

McDonald portrays excellently the downside to winning the lottery. If, before deciding to gamble you need to do your research, this book is a must. An excellent read to understand the other side of the Lottery.

Lotto. Play To Win. ¡Cómo ganar la lotería! and Lotto.Play to Win. How to win the lottery! – Dr. Juan de Dios Herrera M – 2006

Dios Herrera discusses the methods, which attempt to guarantee a win. This book focuses on playing to win, and leaving less up to chance and more up to good judgement. An excellent read.

Easy Dollars: at the Pick 3 – Pick 4 Daily Lotto – Isaac E Nwokogba – 2000

Nwokogba has developed a system which has been proven to work. The system portrayed in this book, explains how to choose three correct numbers in the lottery. Sounds interesting? A must for those who follow mathematical calculations when choosing your numbers.

The Only Way to Win at Lotto – Ruben Citores and Robert Serotic – 1992

Citores and Serotic don’t claim to guarantee its readers a big win; it claims to greatly improve your chances. Systems, wheelings and much more are covered in this book and an entertaining read also.

The Basics of Winning Lotto/Lottery – Professor Jones – 2003

Jones has focused this book on how to help novices understand the key concepts of selecting numbers for the lottery. Simple to understand, but with excellent systems discussed also.

Take advantage of my UNIQUE method to Win on the Lottery/Lotto – Imdad – 2005

Imdad does not dispute the fact that luck plays a huge part in winning the lottery. He does however explain simply some of the most accurate systems out there. Well worth the price.

New Millennium Lotto Strategy: Breakthrough discovery that will completely change Lotto gaming philosophy – Slavko Rodic – 2005

Rodic claims that if his system is implemented, the chances of winning more often than conventional players are increased. An interesting read, with some new ideas put forward.