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Is there any way to Win the Mega Millions Lotto? jay L asked:So many people try to win the lotto. I look online for programs and i see people selling their software that will show you how to win. Is this BS? Is there really anyway to win or is it just luck? This question […]

Is there a legal Yahoo lotto going on each month with only 5winners or did I receive some weird e-mail? Pikkewyn asked:I was sent an e-mail from Yahoo saying I won some money from a lotto that Yahoo has automatically entered me in to, was this a hoax or does Yahoo actually do this? This […]

How many times have you won the lottery? I have been looking into different ways to invest my money. I considered stocks, real estate, or even a Certificate of Deposit. But then I heard about this lottery thing. Has anyone won the lottery out there, and if you did how’d ya do it? Question posted […]

What is the paper process for people who win the lottery? I’m trying to write an article about lottery winnings. What happens after someone looks at their ticket and sees they are a big winner? We know there is a photoshoot and a large fake check, but what else? Tax forms before getting the money? […]

Is the lottery :FREE LOTTO for real, where you can pick numbers and there is a drawing every day? I play free lotto every day. Is it an actual lottery where you can actually win?, or am I just wasting time every day? Question asked by: Carolyn L This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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