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What are all the different lottery number combinations? Is it possible to list them all, also what is the mean average sequence of all the different lottery combinations Question asked by: Brian This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How many types of Lotto (Lottery) in the world? I’m making a report a bout lottery activities in the world. But I don’t know how many kinds of lotto on the world, can you show me and describe about your own country lottery??? Thanks alot. Question posted by: LACâ?¢ This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How do you start a group lottery at work? Whats rules do you follow? Whats fair & what isn’t? we have a lottery at work, some people pay some people didn 't but usually does. You think the people who didn 't pay "must win? Just because its a group thing? Posted by: Judy This […]

Why do we never hear of psychics winning the lottery? I have never heard of a psychic winning the lottery. They are supposed to have supernatural powers that can benefit people. Instead of opening shops in every block of Hollywood, why don’t they just use their powers to win the lottery? Question asked by: boy […]

How anyone bought a roll of lottery tickets brand new and had a good outcome? Steve asked:A roll of 1$ lottery tickets are 300.00. I was seeing if anyone had bought a brand new roll and had a good out come and profited over the 300.00. I would believe there would be enough small winners […]

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