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Why do we never hear of psychics winning the lottery?

I have never heard of a psychic winning the lottery. They are supposed to have supernatural powers that can benefit people. Instead of opening shops in every block of Hollywood, why don’t they just use their powers to win the lottery?

Question asked by: boy

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6 Responses to “Psychics winning the lottery”

  1. hotwheels122298 Says:

    Create a video blog…instantly.

    because they are doing it for money and they are fake? thats my reasoning…

  2. Crystal Says:

    Psychics can’t “read” themselves. So it’s highly unlikely that they would win the lottery.

  3. Lost Butterfly Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Maybe they have, and you just never heard? There aren’t many true psychics out there. And I believe that it would probably make them feel a a bit guilty cheating.

    Look here:

  4. Katt Says:

    Create a video blog

    Don’t think it works that way for them. There are a lot of fakes out to just make money. Most people can’t pick up on one thing like money.
    like me i can tell when someone is bad or they will bring me trouble but i couldn’t tell you the big winning number’s. Everyone has something different there good at.

  5. Chainlightning ? Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    They don’t even have to win the lottery. There is a million dollars for the first person that simply proves a paranormal ability. Of any kind. This has been offered for over ten years. No one has come close. Part of the reason is though lots of people honestly believe they have a power, never get strictly tested. Even to rid the very possible self-deception.

    No money by the claimant is invested. Just do what you state, win the money or give it to a charity. And prove to the world that that psychics are real. You will be one of the most famous persons that ever lived.

    It’s all win win.

  6. Star Cherub Says:

    It could be that the only future they see of themselves is of losing the lottery, which would explain why many don’t play to begin with.

    Truly they have supernatural powers to benefit who they want to benefit. They are not superheroes or slaves to the human race to be used for anything other people desire; they are not genies in bottles. They are people with their own freedoms.

    When people stop seeing psychics then the shops will close in Hollywood. Supply and demand.

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