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What is the eligibility criteria to participate in VA lottery? Do we have to be US citizens or a Green card holders to participate in a lottery? Can a student or a H1 visa holder can participate in VA lottery? I am well over 18 years and residing here for more than an year Question […]

what is the percentage taken out of winnings above $600 in the nys lotto? Tracey asked:i won the lotto last year in NYS and i recieved a W2 to claim on my taxes. does anyone know what percentage of my winnings i’d have to pay back? This question powered by Yahoo! Answers

What is a scratch ticket called AUTO LOTTO? I received this scratch ticket called play auto lotto and if you match 3 items you win a free car. Does anybody know what this is, is it some kind of hoax or is it for real? Oh and by the way I did get 3 cars […]

What is the substance scratched off lottery tickets made of? You 've all seen the scratch lottery ticket before, maybe even got some for the holidays or / for a friend's birthday, but anyone know what the matter is that you scratch off? Posted by: passit27 This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

Are there any lotto tickets that have won you some money? I’m looking to buy a lot of lotto tickets and I’m wondering if I should buy $1, $5, $20 etc. And are there any brands that have won you money numerous times? Question asked by: Ryan K This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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