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What is the best wat to play lotto and win?

Game 2 of the set numbers such as 123,456 and 654,321 each lot for the rest of my life or an attack with QuickPick which always generates a different game I number?

Posted by: wessie4_4

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2 Responses to “What is the best wat to play lotto and win?”

  1. xoxo u kno u luv me Gossip Girl Says:

    You can do either one. You can stick with two sets of numbers, but have three more that you change every week. It’s your choice as to what to do. But there’s no way to win at lottory unless you fill the balls with glue of put led in them or something.

  2. closetcoon_fan Says:

    First of all 123456 and 654321 are the same set of numbers. I doesn’t matter what order you have them in.

    As for the lotto, the only thing that matters are the balls falling out of the machine.

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