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What is the probability of winning the 6/40 lotto when you wheel 7 numbers?

Application for lottery? Suppose you choose to push the following 7 numbers in a game of 6 / 40: What is the probability of conquest of the batch of 6 / 40 when push 7 numbers?

Posted by: harold21 a

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4 Responses to “Probability of winning the 6/40 lotto ?”

  1. fcas80 Says:

    I am not exactly sure how this lotto works. But if you are asking for the probability of choosing a particular combination of seven numbers out of 40 without regard to order, it is 1 divided by 18,643,560.

    This is because there are 18,643,560 ways to choose any combination of seven numbers out of 40, calculated as:

    40C7 = 40! / [33! X 7!] = 18,643,560

  2. cool_pal2chat Says:

    I dunno if u no juz tell me.

  3. apeweek Says:

    This makes my head hurt. If you like this kind of thing, though,
    you’ll probably enjoy the (free) lottery probability system they talk about here:

    and here:

  4. Terri Says:

    why don’t you try another category, this is homeschooling

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